Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Jesus!

We had a great Christmas...besides the fact that every male member of our little family was sick. Dan missed out on Christmas Eve lunch at Alcorn's (barfing at home, even before the nauseating performance by the Seahawks), but his family was able to come over later that evening to open presents.

The kids, of course, were spoiled rotten by grandparents and aunties/uncles, and even though Jake became obsessed with some fun toys, he still remembered to say "mimi timtus" (merry christmas) and "appy birfday Deeduhs" (happy birthday Jesus). I'm sure Ty was thinking the same thing with every mouthful of wrapping paper he attempted to swallow.

Christmas morning was just the four of us, and it was a lot of fun. Between wiping snotty noses and reminding Jake to cover his mouth when he was hacking up a lung, we opened some great gifts and ate some wonderful food. Oh yes, and took some cute pix:

OK, anyone else have issues with getting two kids #1 to look at the camera and #2 smile at the same time? This was the best one we got, which was actually the first of at least 392 attemps. But now...check out the last one:
Honestly, how many more times are we going to do this, Mom?

Can anybody guess what Jake's favorite thing is these days? (Besides cars and trucks, that is.) Why is Elmo the coolest thing imaginable to every kid everywhere?

Ty keeps trying to sit on the Elmo chair like big bro, but can't quite get his body to cooperate with his brain. He's very determined won't be long!