Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've been tagged again, but this time the questions are different. I love this one because I can write it quickly...or not. I'll probably have to do it in 8 different installments because I'm not sure if naptime is going to last much longer!

Let's get to it.

Four jobs I've had:
1) co-author
2) CNA (certified nursing assistant)
3) RN
4) Mom, mama, mommy, mamacita, madre (thanks Dora)

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1) The Journey of Natty Gann (thanks, Heather)
2) The Saint (thanks, Liss)
3) All 3 Bourne movies (thanks, Dan)
4) Identity (thanks...me)

Four places I've lived:
1) Gresham, Oregon
2) Santa Clarita, California (go Mustangs)
3) Troutdale, Oregon
4) Wood Village, Oregon

Four TV shows I watch:
1) Lost (best show of all time)
2) Survivor
3) ER
4) 48 Hours Mystery ("Real Life Drama," heck yeah)

Four places I've been:
1) London, England
2) Cairo, Egypt
3) Nairobi, Kenya
4) Vienna, Austria

Four people who email me regularly (doesn’t include blogging comments):
1) my Bible study girls
2) Pops
3) Jeremy (our real estate super-star, thanks for going above and beyond!)
4) my manager at work (NO I will NOT pick up more shifts)

Four of my favorite foods:
1) Red Robin's Whisky River BBQ Burger
2) Olive Garden's Fettuccine Alfredo
3) Szechuan Kitchen's Sesame Beef
4) Outback Steakhouse's Queensland Salad

Four places I would like to visit:
1) Fiji
2) Fiji
3) Venice, Italy
4) Australia (on my way to Fiji)

Four things I'm looking forward to in the coming year:
1) Moving! (Less than 2 weeks!)
2) Sending Jake to preschool
3) Keeping Ty out of the ER
4) Taking the kids to Dan's football games

Four friends I'm tagging:
1) Megan
2) Faith
3) Emily
4) Brandy

Monday, April 21, 2008

The details

Every day that passes I get more excited about this house we bought! I told you I'd give some details, so here you go. This house was originally WAY out of our price range, but since we won the lottery...ok, the details aren't that interesting. The owners of the house moved out of state and so they've been paying double mortgages. They were desperate to sell. The price of the house was dropped multiple tens of thousands, and fell right into our range. The day our offer was accepted another realator told them she had clients who wanted to buy. WHEW!! Just in the nick of time. Not a moment to spare. Down to the wire. There was no time like the present, so we bit the bullet. We got 'er done. Yada yada yada, so on and so forth.

The house is in Gresham, about 2 blocks away from my parents, which is the house I grew up in. My kids will stomp in the same grounds as their mother did. The neighborhood is new, built in 2005 on the site of a huge field my sister and the Tucker girls and I would run around in back in the day. The only downside to it is that the driveway is sloped and it is on a corner, so we won't be able to put in the basketball hoop Dan has always wanted for the boys. We're talking about someday revamping the backyard (also sloped) to be able to add that Court of Dreams.

Here's a few more pictures of the house, not as exciting as the last ones for some of you, but that utility sink in the laundry room (that's upstairs by the bedrooms so I'll have a better chance of putting clean clothes away) is never going to look as good as this picture after Ty's muddy/ketchuppy clothes and shoes get hosed off in there.
This is the blah green dining room (the color is way worse in person) that we're going to paint. Faith and Karina will be my advisors because I have no prayer of choosing the right color, I just know that this one is wrong. Interior design is not my forte.

I love the glass doors on the some of the kitchen cabinets. But I guess we should get some dishes more worthy of display than the Hot Wheels, Diego, and Tigger sets we have now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

We have a winner!

God, indeed, had a plan. Hmm, what do you know? We have accepted a good offer on our house, and made a good offer on...More details to come, but I just wanted to update everyone. Pending any huge disasters, we'll move in on May 16. Thanks so much for praying for us! We couldn't be happier with this new house, and can't wait to have everybody over to see it. Here's more pictures to wet your appetite!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chirping birds and bouquets of daisies

First of all, thank you Marla for inspiring my title. I'm pleased to announce...WE HAVE AN OFFER on our house! We're trying not to get our hopes up because we still have to make a counter-offer because this one would give us a lot less money than we'd hoped. I told you the good news first. The bad news is that we lost the other house we'd put an offer on earlier. They gave us a chance, but our offer was bumped by a buyer who didn't have a house to sell. We lost the house on Monday and got an offer on ours today (Friday). Figures. But we have a few great options. We looked at one house the other day and pretty much loved it, but want to look at a few others before we decide. We got a list of the houses in our price range and in the area we want to be in, and there were 43. Probably going to find 1 that we like. Not too worried. God has a plan, and we're pretty optimistic about it. But we'd still love the prayers! Nothing is for sure yet, and until the papers are signed, I'm not going to get a lot of beauty sleep. So if you see me at WalMart, please remember how much stress I've been under...and put an extra 1/2 gallon of Rocky Road ice cream in my cart.

Friday, April 04, 2008

14 days

Since March 21st. Since my last post. Since the start of one of the worst Spring Breaks ever. Since my last moment of sanity.

I'm reluctant to even start writing because I really don't want to relive any of these last 2 weeks, but I'll give you a small window into our world, like the title of our blog always promises. But I'm not going to like it. You can't make me. I'll start with the negatives and end with the positives, so then we'll all realize that life is indeed good, like I wrote at the end of my last post (which seemingly jinxed my family for 2 weeks, sorry guys.)

I just wrote about 89 paragraphs and my eyes were crossing from reading my own melodrama, so I'm deleting it and going to condense it. For those of you who really want the full version, call me in a few weeks when I've collected myself.

Housesitting for my parents the last 2 1/2 weeks, left our house clean for people to come look at, people didn't come. So frustrating. Living out of suitcases, forgot 290 things. Sunday March 23 I went to work, didn't come home for days on end. Dan played Mr. Mom, neither of us wants to switch roles. Ever again. Exhausted working that many hours (but overtime pay was nice), Dan exhausted by our children. 3 1/2 and 2, enough said. Did it seriously snow over Spring Break? Yes, yes it did. So much for outdoor diversions. Thursday night March 27th Ty threw up in the car all over himself. Hosed off him and the carseat, went to work and hosed off a drunk who'd urinated all over himself while screaming profanities at me. Ty's vomit stopped until Monday morning March 30th, pile of it on my parents bed and on Felix's legs. More piles of vomit and explosions out the diaper for 2 days and 2 nights. Had to give him a shot. Poor guy. Poor laundry. Pure exhaustion. No vomit for 1 day, Dan throws up Wednesday night. Ty wakes up vomit free but snot filled, has been whining continually since last week. Never did I agree with his shirt's message more (and yes, I did buy it for him):End of the negatives, I have GOT to remember the positives. Really and truly, we are blessed. Dan's sister Jane came up from California to visit last week and the kids loved seeing their auntie and her cute little baby bump! We love you and miss you Jane and Curtis, you guys are going to love being parents...even after this post, I swear the positives outweigh the negatives!

Tuesday night (wee hours of Wednesday morning) while I was at the hospital working, my friend Natalie had a baby boy upstairs, and I got to see him just hours after the birth. Caleb, you are beautiful, and you are so loved!

Yesterday, April 3 was my sister Karina's 29th birthday. I'm so glad I got to grow up with you, big sis. And I'm so glad we're getting to share our adult lives together as the greatest of friends. I love you J.!

And finally, early this morning Dan's cousin Kim had twins! Olivia and Jackson have two big brothers, and altough I'm dizzy with the thought of four kids under age 4, I know they can do it! Healthy mom and healthy babies, even though they had to come a bit early.

Lots of babies, huh? Lots of blessings. Congratulations all you mommies and daddies! And thank you, God, for reminding me even as I write that you are bigger than my problems. In fact, my problems aren't even big. But you care, nonetheless. Every good and perfect gift comes from you.

But if I may be so bold, I'm praying my perfect gifts will be vomit free very very soon.