Saturday, December 22, 2007

Like father, like son.

I'm sure you've noticed that I've been taking a break from blogging for a while...a little sabbatical, or blogger hiatus, if you will. Am I refreshed? Um, not exactly. The reason for my absence in the blogosphere is two-fold. First, my kids have both been throwing up for the last week, and second...I wasn't able to find my computer under the pile of vomit-covered laundry that has taken over my house.

Now that we are on the mend (knock on wood) I NEED to post something funny because otherwise I'd be folding laundry and being responsible, and I may throw up and start the whole cycle over again if I have to match one more sock.

I meant to post this before the Great Stomach Virus of 2007, but here it is, late, but better than never. I put Ty down for a nap last week, and came out of his room to a very quiet house. Jake was not in the living room, or kitchen, or his bedroom, and the silence was getting a little too silent for me. I opened the bathroom door to find this...
Actually, what I saw was even funnier than the picture. He had his elbows on this knees and was looking intently at the sports page. I asked him, "What are you doing, Jake?" "Oh, I'm just poopin' and readin' about the NFL."

Hmm, wonder where he got that.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If only...

...I'd married a black man and we raised our boys in the 70's.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Megan Nichole

Happy birthday to my best friend! Wow, where do I even start? In the 12 years we've been friends we have made so many memories. We ate 3 layer pb&j's and wild cherry Pepsi together in the Barlow High School cafeteria. I went to England to visit her at Bible school and almost got her expelled...way too long of a story to recall here, but if they ever make a movie of my life, that tale will definitely be in it. We were roomies at The Master's College my freshman year, and made too many inside jokes to count. We shared generic Kool-Aid (how poor is that?) and Kix with yogurt, and I made fun of her for eating Kashi "Good Friends" cereal. Mmm, twigs. We also shared a twin bed when we thought putting her mattress on top of mine would give us more space, regardless of the built-in bedframe that remained on her side of the room. We bargain shopped at Walmart and shared clothes, and camped out at Yosemite on Easter break.

We were in each other's weddings. She told me she was pregnant with Jenna right after I had Jake, and the moment Megan found out she was a girl, we both heard wedding bells. No pressure though now, especially because of Elsie and Ty.

We've had lots of typical best friend conversations where we start out crying and end up laughing. Whenever I'm down I can just think of Megan, genuinely confused, saying "Chicken fried that like 2 meats in one?"

Thanks Megan, for so many memories. And for all the ones that we're about to make. We may not be living next door to each other like we'd always planned, but a few miles away isn't too bad. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I LOVE YOU!!

I have 38046 pictures of Megan and I, but none of them on a digital camera, so you'll have to imagine us hugging and grinning from ear to ear. We're pretty cute, huh?