Friday, October 13, 2006

Pics of the boys

Who are we? Dan and Angela Stump. Happily married since July 20, 2001. Happily Daddy and Mommy since August 3, 2004 when Jake arrived, and again when little brother Ty joined us on March 10, 2006. Seeking to love God and love each other more every day.

Jake enjoying every lick of his birthday ice cream from Auntie Jane (Jeen) and Uncle Curtis (Too-toos).
Happy baby Ty, crawling in search of his latest adventure.

Jake loves getting down face to face with Ty to teach him all the important things a big brother should. Like his numbers (nun, two, tee...) and his ABC's (including beeble-boo, ets, y, and z.)


Eduardo Osorio said...

beautiful, congratulations.

Megan said...

Good to see you on here. Love the pictures. Love your kids. I agree with Eduardo, beautiful, congratulations.
~Eric and Megan

faith said...

ANG!! I'm so excite to find you. Your boys ARE beautiful (in a very boyish way) Ty looks like you! I love it. I'm going to add you as a link right now!

Eneas Family said...

I love blogging because I get to know what is going on with people I love but never get to see! Its a busy season of life and this is a great way to keep up on eachother and watch our kids grow!

Greg and Andrea said...

Eduardo is the man, and right on. Very wise.