Friday, October 19, 2007

Dad's are the best

Wednesday I took the kids to Dan's football game. The rain held out long enough for the boys to run around and me to have to pull both of them off the field multiple times. There is one kid on Dan's team that is not a lot bigger than Jake, but I'm not ready for them to be tackled without pads quite yet.

We had a great time even though Dan's team lost the game. It was frustrating for him because he would tell the kids exactly what the other team was about to do and how to stop them, and yet his players wouldn't listen and would end up watching as the other team scored a touchdown. Teaching and coaching have a lot in common. I know there are days when Dan feels like the kids just aren't learning a thing. But however frustrating those days are, I'm proud of Dan for the work he does.

Thanks Dan, and other teachers out there. I know some days you really don't see it, but you do challenge and inspire these kids to be better people. But most importantly, you're on a mission field making a difference for eternity by showing these kids what it looks like to love Jesus. Even in a math class. And even on a football field.


Catherine Courtney said...

Thank you for the post. I am a teacher of severely multiply disabled students and many people do not understand what it is that I do. Many of the students that I work with will not go to college or play an organized sport but they give so much to those in their world every day. I am thrilled with each accomplishment they make and wouldn't change what I do for the world. I may never be rich but the students I work with will be more independent because I and others have been there to teach them some of the simplest things others take for granted each day. Thank you again.

Melissa Rae Allen said...

Teachers ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

This story is actually modified from a poem by Taylor Mali (a former teacher) -