Sunday, July 06, 2008

The 6th of July

Happy 6th of July! This is funny because I seem to be a little behind these days, get it? Hope everybody had a great 4th, and nobody permanently injured themselves with fireworks. Non-permanent injuries...that's just fine by me, it gives me job security. Please don't be horrified, I'm just kidding. Sort of. ANYWAY...

We had a glorious day. I'm trying out some new adjectives, do you approve? It was marvelous, stupendous in fact. And delicious. Dan smoked some ribs that were finger lickin' good and we got to share them with our friends Vergil and Kelsey. Their adorable baby girl Olive didn't get to taste the ribs, but I saw her eying them. They were superb. Outstanding. Top notch.

We bought a few fireworks, but would have had to take out a second mortgage to buy anything decent. But the boys didn't know what they were missing, and had a fabulous time stomping on pop-its on our back patio. On a side note, whenever I say the word "fabulous" I always picture myself owning a summer home in the Hamptons and kissing all my friends on each cheek when they come over for a cocktail party. Fabulous.

Hmm, what else is mildly interesting about our lives right now? We get to go to the Oregon coast with Dan's family next weekend. We're planning on taking the boys to Seaside on our way there and riding in the bumper cars and teaching them to play arcade games. Ah, the memories! I'm pretty sure Jake will want to ride the bumper cars approximately 82 times, so hopefully the ticket prices are the same as they were in 1990 when I was last there.

I'll be sure to bring my camera so you'll get the full experience of the Stump Family Vacation. I'll be inviting each of you over to watch the un-edited slide show when we return, so clear your calendars.
Keep enjoying this magnificent, splendid summer, alright? Fabulous.


Faith said...

Ang, we were definitely meant to be friends because when you gave your "weird" description of your vision regarding the word fabulous, I was right there with you! Glad you had a good 4th. Have fun at the beach, hope to see you again soon! Love ya

Marla Taviano said...

I've never been to a cocktail party, which is unfortunate, because I do so want to be fabulous.

Just looked up the word at to see if I qualify. "Barely credible" is one of the definitions. I'll take it!

p.s. your kids are cute.

Tricia Swift said...

you crack me up! you are feelin your oats! I love your personality when you write it's so fun to read! I praise God for great people like you and your family. love ya

DidiLyn said...

If I close my eyes and say "Fabulous" three times (with meaning) will I get a summer house in the Hamptons?
Or just an imaginary one like yours.
If I air-kiss any of my friends they'll slug me, unless they already had a few of those cocktails.

Anonymous said...

hope you have fun at the beach...can't wait to hear about Jake's intro to bumper cars.