Friday, October 03, 2008

Two peas in a pod

This is a complete rip off of one of my sister's blogs, but at least I'm giving credit where credit is due. Thanks J. for the inspiration. (Her name actually has no J.'s in it, and never has, but that's another blog.) Her post compared motherhood to cheerleading, and since I was never a rah-rah girl, I can't add to those similarities. But I did find it quite amusing, and since I'm all about stealing ideas from other you go.

Similarities between an ER nurse and a mom:
  • The uniform. Scrubs are pretty much glorified pajamas, and my typical mommi-form of mismatched pj's normally doesn't get changed until Ty's naptime, unless we have morning plans. And sometimes even if we do. At work, or at home, there's something to be said for comfort...and the fact that you'll most likely get blood or other bodily fluids on them imminently.
  • The "please don't panic" speech. The abrasion on your knee is not fatal, doesn't need immediate surgery, or even stitches, and in fact, it barely even warrants a bandaid. The fact that you're screaming only makes me want to show you what real pain is all about, it does not evoke sympathy. Chill out. (Don't worry, I do kiss my kids' owies and make sure there are no internal injuries. But if the tears are disproportionate to the injury, my eyes start to roll. I can spot a crocodile tear miles away.)
  • You have to master the everything-is-going-just-as-planned-face even though inside you're thinking, "Lord, help us all."
  • Multi-tasking is a must. Getting a complete medical history from a patient while taking vital signs and doing a head to toe assessment as you start and IV and draw blood. Kinda like flipping a grilled cheese sandwich while wiping one child's nose as you help the other draw a perfect circle, all while having a serious conversation on the phone.
  • Prioritizing is key. The guy without a heartbeat trumps the request for a bedpan. Sorry. Catching Ty as he attempts to run down the street after the ice cream truck will come before Jake's request to help him color coordinate his 463 Hot Wheels.

and finally:

  • They are both very rewarding. Watching the relief on a person's face after giving them drugs to stop a potentially fatal allergic reaction, talk about immediate gratification. Watching Ty pull himself together within 10 seconds of starting a potentially fatal temper tantrum at Walmart, priceless.


DidiLyn said...

Ohhhh, do I remember those PDA's. (public displays of anger)
Funny, I don't think I miss those incidents.
That IS priceless.
Glad you remind me sometimes of those things I don't miss, or I would likely end up in a puddle on the floor thinking about how many things I DO miss.

Anonymous said...

I was crying reading this. Seriously funny, and unfortunately very relatable. My version of the "please don't panic" speech has been shamelessly ripped off from you!
Oh, I finally posted for the first time in a month. Just in case you had given up on me.

Megan said...

Too funny. It's amazing how similar the two are! I wish I was a trained nurse so that I could master the "everything-is-going-just-as-planned" face!