Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer summer summer

The boys have been l-o-v-i-n-g the last few weeks. Dan is off work, the sun has been shining, new baseball gloves were purchased, the nearby grade school still has their soccer goals up (they did take down their basketball hoops, at least the rims/nets much to the dismay of my 3 year old who is currently not able to sleep without a basketball snuggled against his chest, and seemingly not able to walk without dribbling.) Life is good.

Jake and Ty have been going to a backyard Bible club this week and loving every second of it. And I'm loving every second of running errands without 4 hands putting random things in my cart and playing tag down each aisle. They've been able to earn prizes at the end of the day, and Ty (shocker) chose a ball, but Jake decided that since he didn't own any, he'd invest in some jewelry. Yep, two purple bracelets and a hot pink flower ring. He does have a point; our toy box is a little lacking in pink and purple bling. Dan is so proud.

A few recent quotes worthy of repeating:

Ty: "No I empt." I believe he was going for "no, I am not" and tried to make it into a contraction. Darn English language, so tricky sometimes.

Jake, while eating orange chicken from Panda Express: "Mom, you have to try this delicious and easy recipe."

We have a few fun things planned later on, including a trip to the Oregon coast with Dan's extended family next weekend, and then a long road trip to CA to visit Jane and Curtis and baby Bek (and San Fran, Monterey, and Great America, woo hoo!) We're thinking the drive will take about 12 hours with all the potty breaks for tiny bladders. Can you say, "portable DVD player"? I think the boys are still too little for most of the road trip games I can recall. The ABC game, and I Spy, and Slug Bug, and Twenty Questions, and trying to make semi trucks toot their horns and singing ridiculous songs over and over and over. Too little, right? Please? Not sure I can handle "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall," and "On Top of Spaghetti" and and oooh wait a minute, I used to love "Eener meener." I'm humming it right now...what a classic! "I woke up Sunday morning and looked up on the wall, the skeeters and the bedbugs were playin' a game of ball. The score was 6 to nothing, the skeeters were ahead, the bedbugs made a home run and knocked me out of bed, I'm singin'... " Okay, now that one is just fun. Sorry, Dan, they may be too little for the other games, but our kids WILL be singing that song. Although I'm sure, with Ty in the car, there will be many rounds of slug bug, even if we never see a VW Beetle.

I can't wait to update the blog with pictures and stories from these next few weeks. But even before these semi-major summer events, summer has still been grand. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play with my children. "Eener meener and a miner moe, catch a whipper whopper by it's toe and if he hollers hollers hollers don't let him go, I'm singin'..."


Marla Taviano said...

Nina says, "No, I dudn't," which I'm assuming means something between didn't and doesn't.

I snickered out loud (SOL) at the delicious and easy recipe line.

When are you driving to CA? Why don't you mosey on down to San Diego and meet us at the zoo? ;)

Faith said...

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot about that song! I loved it. Thanks..now it's going to be in my head all night:)