Saturday, August 22, 2009

This, that and the other

Oops, I did it again. Please suppress the urge to sing the Brittany Spears song, that was not my intention. What did I do again? Neglect the blog. Sorry, blog. Instead of making excuses, I'll just post a few random pictures and call it good. Is that okay? Anyone care? Anyone still actually check this blog for updates? Well, this is for both of you, then.

Here's what happens when Ty sits in the front of the shopping cart next to my purse. Well, first of all he found the camera which I'm pretty sure was still in there from my reunion a few weeks ago. No photos of that, sorry to say. Or happy to say...whatever. Anyway, I turned around after picking out some broccoli and this is what I see:

And this is what happens after I snap a picture of Ty. No child left behind (left out?), that's my motto.

And no mother left out, that's Ty's motto. Yes, Ty did take this photo and I didn't crop it. Not bad for a 3 year old, huh? Then again he clearly has an experienced model in front of the lens.

And this is what happens when fall approaches: I hand our house over to 10 well-prepared men and their laptops and football season can officially begin. Fantasy Football Draft Day. Yes, it is capitalized in this house. If it were up to Dan, this would be a national holiday. You have to know that Dan was downright giddy from sunrise to sunset (and well into the night.) I've never seen him more excited about any given day, and that includes his own birthday, Christmas, and possibly even snow days when school is cancelled. If you're a teacher (or a student for that matter) you can appreciate the magnitude of this statement. Yes, that piece of paper is the entire length of my dining room. And yes, it is still there and will remain so until I can convince Dan that the pictures of our children should go back in its place.

I sincerely hope this update leaves you satisfied. And I sincerely wouldn't blame you if you've given up on me completely. Until next month, er, next time.


Megan said...

That picture of Ty is hilarious. I imagine you couldn't help but crack up when you saw him!

And Dan, sorry I forgot to wish you a Happy Draft Day! It just slipped my mind :)

Zona Wilson said...

No hams in your family, now are there? (Yes, I still check the blog regularly!) I totally cannot relate to Dan's love for Fantasy Football, nor his distaste for dogs. But I think he is wonderful anyway.

Faith said...

I am still a big fan Ang..thanks to google reader:)

LOVE the pic of you..clearly experienced.

and they actually get together to do the draft? That is hard core. Wow. Dan doesn't mess around when it comes to sports. The paper could be a new fad in decor...

Marla Taviano said...

I'm with Faith and her Google Reader.

Cute hair!

You should frame each person's selections. That would be a good compromise.

Jenne said...

And this is me, commenting back on your blog. The table full of laptops is pretty impressive. I am having flashbacks to my college computer lab. Memories.