Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boys, boys, boys...and more boys!

Congrats to sister Karina and Dan Franklin who just found out yesterday that they're having a boy! She's due August 31, and though there is still no pink in the Alcorn grandbaby collection, we are SO excited for you guys!! Jake and Ty were wrestling yesterday (Ty is holding his own very well) and I was so thankful for the blessing of brothers. With an older brother and 2 older boy cuzes, this kid has no choice but to be tough. Plus, you won't have to blow your budget on clothes!!

Here's a recent pic of the 3 boys with "Pops" (Jake's newest favorite word).

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Megan said...

My goodness, that picture is priceless! All the kids are so happy with Pops. Very cute. And congrats to the Franklins!!!