Friday, April 13, 2007

Walking and falling

Ty is walking! He took his first steps weeks ago, but now he's REALLY walking. I should have posted this last week when I took the video, because he has already drastically improved. Every day he spends more time on his feet. He looks a lot less like Frankenstein, though he still waddles and holds his hands out for balance.

It is much more obvious now how many toys are constantly on the floor. Our living room is an ever changing obstacle course. Learning to walk does create more independence...but also more bruises. It's amazing how quickly a bruise can heal, but more amazing how quickly another one can appear!!

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faith said...

That was so incredibly adorable to watch last night. He is one of the cutest beginning walkers I have ever seen. He is SO proud of himself..his smile says it all. He's an absolute cutie!