Sunday, May 27, 2007

Saturday to remember

Mine is a life truly blessed. My family is amazing: a husband who loves me and makes me laugh, two of the worlds cutest kids, in-laws that couldn't be greater, a sister I admire, a mom I respect...and a dad who hooks me up.

Dr./Rev./Mr. Randy Alcorn (Pops) recently met some members of the Christian rock band Third Day at an event he was speaking at in Atlanta. The bass player Tai Anderson had read some of his books, and they had some great conversations both there and later by phone and email. The best conversation they had included an invitation to a concert at the Clark County Amphitheater this past Saturday. Free tickets. 4 rows back. Dead center. It gets better. Toby Mac performed before Third Day. Ha-ha-heavenbound, I was going to marry him some day. But wait, it gets even better still. Backstage passes. Dinner with the band before the concert. Oh yes, and during the concert, a song dedicated to "some great new friends, the Alcorn family."

Dan stayed home with the kids and missed one of the best nights in recent memory, so I got to take my friend Melissa (happy b-day!!) who, besides being my chapstick sister, is now my best/only gomer sister. (Huge Third Day fans are called gomers. I really don't know why, and might not ever want to.)

Dinner was truly unforgettable. Not just the fried zucchini. It was so great to see these guys as who they really are...not just rock stars, but true men of God who are genuinely seeking His will for their lives. Plus they were funny. Melissa and I jokingly asked where the Hummer limo was to take us to dinner and Tai said, "Well we used to have one, but then we read the Treasure Principle..." Darn that book.

So thank you Pops for being the kind of man that rock stars want to hang out with. And for letting me tag along. You may not have the incredible voice of Mac Powell, or the moves of Toby Mac, but you are my own personal rock star.

And thank you Third Day for staying true to what you believe in, and paying for my delicious bacon cheeseburger.

My new best friends. Mark Lee, Brad Avery, Mac Powell, Tai Anderson, and David Carr.

We also saw that 42 year old Toby Mac is as cool as ever.


brandy said...

lucky duck. you got the total hook up!!

Estep said...

It was so good to see you guys on Sunday, and we really enjoyed your church especially the rapping!:-) So we are planning on being back on Sunday!And the girls had a blast at the beach, they were so cute. Have a great week!

faith said...

Wow fun! Your dad is so cool! (but not as cool as my dad) Just kidding, glad you guys had so much fun..what a treat!

Jessica said...

where did you get that photo? toby is trying to track it down ... email me please :)