Monday, July 02, 2007

Grown-up time!

We went to the beach this last weekend. The kids stayed home.

I'll rephrase that--the kids stayed "home" at both grandparents' houses (one night at each). I suddenly got a vision in my mind of the day we can actually leave our kids HOME, meaning our home, without supervision for a whole weekend. I'm picturing 16-year-old Jake washing and waxing his new Dodge Ram truck he's been saving for his whole life. I'm picturing 15-year-old Ty trying to help big bro, but ending up tripping over the hose and gashing his head on the driveway. Jake rolls his eyes because Ty still has stitches on his forehead from an incident last week. Jake grabs the keys and they head to the ER. They pull into the parking lot and Jake is now furious with Ty for bleeding all over his new truck, and while Ty is staggering in to the ER, Jake grabs a bottle of Windex and a rag from the glove compartment and goes to town.

We may be taking a lot more family vacations than I anticipated.

So back to the beach. We had such a great time. We went with three other couples, and it was so wonderful to have some full uninterrupted conversations that never started with "look at my eyes" or ended with "because I said so." We went to the Tilamook Cheese Factory and had 210 samples of cheese (we went through the line a few dozen times) and ate insanely delicious ice cream. We roasted s'mores on the beach and Vergil impressed us with his marshmallow roasting skills, and Kelsey impressed us with her idea of using Reeses peanut butter cups instead of plain chocolate. Yum is an understatement.
The guys built a pretty impressive sandcastle and we took a pretty impressive amount of pictures of it. We ate fish and chips and clam chowder at Mo's (I'm not a seafood gal, but their chicken strips are to die for.) We slept on air mattresses in the living room and laughed until we cried and until we wanted to shoot ourselves because of how late it was. So much for a restful vacation, but boy was it worth it.

Eric and Megan, Natalie and Paul, Vergil and Kelsey...
thanks for
an incredible weekend!


Curtis and Jane said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! You know, Jake was telling me the other day how excited he is about taking a little family vacation to the beautiful and majestic state of California. :)

It was great to see you guys last week!

Curtis and Jane

faith said...

SO fun! Great description of your boys years down the road! Probably pretty accurate:) As always, you make me laugh:)

Kristi said...

Hey Angie! It's Kristi McKenney...I stumble upon your blog every now and again and I have to tell you, I enjoy reading it so much! I had no idea you were so funny! And your kids are super cute.

brandy said...

love it! glad we got to hang out the other night! can't wait till the next time...