Saturday, August 25, 2007

The deal has been made

I can't stand it anymore. I wanted to give baby Jack at least a day to be the excitement around our family, but it's been 45 hours since his birth, and everybody loves him, he's the cutest thing ever, yada yada yada. (Kidding of course, he IS the greatest.) But now I'd like to call to your attention the deal that Dan and I made about a plasma TV and a dog. If you don't remember this deal check out my blog posting from May (

Well, there is now an enormous plasma TV standing in my living room. So as of Tuesday there will be...a tiny dog standing in my living room!!! I'm sorry, I can't help the excessive exclamation points, I usually hate them, but did you read what I just wrote?? DAN STUMP IS GETTING A DOG!!! Actually the only thing Dan did to get the dog was get the plasma. The rest was up to me. So I'd like to introduce you to my new baby boy.
He is a puggle (a pug/beagle) and he may be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life, aside from Jake and Ty. And Dan of course.

We're going to name him Felix. Dan isn't excited about the dog, but at least he is pleased about the name I suggested because of Felix Hernandez, a pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, whose games we will now be watching in perfect clarity and sound from our ridiculous new TV (which I'm convinced makes our living room 200 square feet smaller.)

Marriage is all about compromises, isn't it. I have to watch all my favorite TV shows and movies on a state of the art television, and Dan has to suffer through precious floppy ears, adoring eyes and a wagging tail. We are so sacrificial, aren't we?


DidiLyn said...

Wait a second. I want the ginormous tv!!! (Notice the excessive punctuation??) Why didn't I make a deal? Dang it.
I think you should watch "Gone With the Wind" for your first movie night.

RaeAnn said...

Can't wait to introduce Roxy to Felix. We'll have to set them up on a date. Too bad Roxy is already fixed. Jake and Ty are going to have so much fun with him. Can't wait to meet him.
-RaeAnn, (Oh and I am pretty sure that Jer is pretty excited about the new tv too!)

faith said...

That is so awesome Ang. I can't wait to meet Felix and I'm sure Bryan can't wait to meet plasma!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I totally know what you and Megan were talking about now when you were at my house! It is the CUTEST dog! Seriously, SO CUTE! Wow, a plasma and a darling pup. So sacraficial! Hehe! Hmmm, maybe girls night at your house and girlie movie on your new tv?? I think I am on to something! Hope you have fun with your new "baby!"

Megan said...

Oh Felix, you will be SO loved. And you are so cute. I can't believe that Dan Stump will be a dog owner tomorrow. Crazy. Have us over soon so we can meet the little guy!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to hold my new granddog tomorrow! A new grandson too! I AM BLESSED!!!!!!!

eric said...

I think a good name would be Plasma. After all, he's forever linked with that wonderful piece of electronic beauty in the corner.

Marla Taviano said...

I'm not a huge dog lover, but that thing is stinkin' cute. Cuter than baby Jack even. (Shhhh...)