Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Love at first sight

Ok, I've been trying to blog ever since noon yesterday when I got home with Felix, but since Dan is back to school and I now have 3 little ones to handle by myself...I know all of you are dying to know, or maybe it's just Diane, but I'M IN LOVE. This puppy is cuter than his pictures and so lovable, and he sleeps on my lap and frolics in my backyard. Hmm, never thought I'd use the word frolic in one of my blogs, but it's the most accurate term for his playful bouncing around.He slept in the kitchen last night in his dog bed curled up with an old blanket of Ty's and an old binky of Ty's that he's quite fond of. He cried for less than a minute when we locked him in there with the baby gate, and then he proceeded to sleep through the night. Good thing too, because there may have been bloodshed if Dan had to get up with him. But he didn't need to. Felix is perfect. Yep, perfect, no bias here.I took him to the vet today and he's totally healthy and doesn't need any more shots for a year, and even though I almost passed out when they gave me the bill, everybody at the vet's office (staff and other customers) told me they'd never seen a cuter dog, and they want to get one, and I'm the coolest person they've ever know, that sort of thing. I'm such a proud mommy. OH, and just so you know, Dan never wants to be referred to as Felix's daddy. I can't imagine why. He's been Scrooge about the whole thing, and yet Felix was asleep on the couch next to him when I got home from the store tonight (I thought he had made a strict "no mangy mutts allowed on the furniture" rule, but maybe I misunderstood.) We're pretty much an open house these days with the cuteness of the puppy and the hugeness of the TV, so stop on by if you're in the area. And if you happen to swing by Walmart on the way, I have an ever growing grocery list...

And no, I will not be posting any pictures of the ridiculous TV. So don't ask.


DidiLyn said...

Thanks for posting the update. We HAVE been wondering over here how it has been going with your bundle of puggle cuteness. Can't wait for boys/puggle pics. What could be better? Maybe Dan in a puggle T-shirt drinking a beverage from his puggle mug that you get him for Christmas.
Yeah, that would be good.

Curtis and Jane said...

Hi Ang!

I think that Dan is already secretly loving the dog...he may never, ever admit it, though. :)

I hear that Jake thinks he's "scary" and Ty loves him. So fun!!!

Enjoy. We miss you guys.


Tricia Swift said...

I'm so jealous! your battle trying to get a dog sounds like the one David and I are going through.I haven't found a compromise to work with like you did! Clay is seriously trying to kiss your dog onthe computer! poor kids need a dog! well I hope you have fun with it and we will be over here wishing we had one!

faith said...

He's a doll Ang..congrats!

Brandy said...

I have been DYING for you to post! He is SOO cute Ang! Oh, and I love how he has the binkie in his mouth. Precious. I am glad to hear that his "daddy" lets him on the couch. Softy:)

Lisa Thompson said...

Ang- I left you a message, but Sandy M. gave me this blog address. We have twins! Our puggle's name is Wicket (after the ewok princess leia met in the forest...don't ask). He is 10 weeks old and looks just like felix! How old is felix? We will have to get the two of them together. Don't your arms have bite marks on them like mine? Enjoy!!! We sure are.
Lisa Thompson