Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Have it your way

First of all, before I get to my exciting life, let me say CONGRATULATIONS to friends Faith and Bryan on the birth of baby Luke on Sunday morning! Look at some adorable pictures of Luke and big sis Peyton on their blog. I can't wait to meet him! Way to go Faithy. I know you thought he'd never get here!

Now to my exciting life. Oh wait, there's nothing exciting to say. Life is returning to normal around here because Dan is back in the grind. But I do have some random cute pictures. Oh, I know what I'll do to entertain you...

Do you remember those "choose your own adventure" books? They're even doing movies these days with alternate endings on the DVD's. How about you choose which caption would go best under each of these pictures:

A. Jake loves his sunglasses.
B. Jake loves being naked.
C. The combination of the two just makes the kid giddy.
D. Skillful photography makes this picture wedding-slide-show appropriate.

A. Ty is refusing to let us help him eat.
B.Ty should be taking baths at least 3 times daily.
C.Ty read once that mac and cheese smeared in your hair once every few days has been shown to reduce the occurrence of split ends.

A. Felix has made himself at home these last few days. Last night he took advantage of the quiet after the kids went to bed to catch a snooze in the loving arms of Elmo.
B. I've agreed to assist the biology community in documenting the natural habitat of the puggle species. It appears they are attracted to the color red, and enjoy taking long naps in front of particularly large televisions.


Curtis and Jane said...

Wow, Ty....

And, Jake, definitely wedding slide show appropriate (a must, actually!).

DidiLyn said...

Won't that be fun, picking out the wedding slide show photos? Is the rule for that that the kids have NO SAY in what pictures we choose? Hope so. The one of Jake is disturbingly funny!
You encouraged me to make a Siah blog with old pictures of my baby. Wish we had digital back in my time, darn it.

brand said...

seriously, so cute. I love the one of your furry baby in the elmo chair!! ha! ok i am emailing you today about our playdate! can't wait.

Zona Wilson said...
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Zona Wilson said...

Seems to me Jake could be Captain Naked. But then, a cape would mean he wasn't naked any more...

I have watched to see if your dad would post a picture of his grand-puppy and was so gratified that he did!

I really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up on Dan's family. Thanks.

Sovann Pen said...

Oh man!

I'm gonna give you a coupon for free counseling for Jake in 10 years lol :)

That, or give him a miniature digital camera to take pics of you.