Friday, September 28, 2007

Walk like a man, talk like a man

I'm once again struck by how fast my babies are growing up. Jake just had a bath and was curled up on my lap under a blanket, and the scent of his squeaky clean little body made breathe deeply and smile. I told him I wanted him to use the same baby shampoo and sit on my lap until he graduates from high school. He said "okay" and then I told him that in a few years he'd be saying, "stop sniffing me Mom, I'm too big to sit on your lap, you're such a nerd." Then he brought me back to the present when he said "You're such a nerve, mom. You're a big nerve."

Jake is old enough now that he rarely mispronounces a word, but when he does, it never fails to crack me up. Ty of course has many words that are not quite perfect, but he's learning fast. I'm going to miss baby talk. Here's some of my favorite Jake-isms and Ty-talk.

wipe-kin = napkin
Beedits = Felix
Fewix = Beedits = Felix
Tih-tat = Tic Tac (aka Ty's reason for living)
aminal = every 3 year olds' version of animal
cimanin = cinnamon according to Jake and Emeril Lagasse
ownz = orange
Mohness = "doggy Alcorn" = Moses (Alcorn's dalmation)
meemac = music
nonny = laundry (most with permanent ownz tih-tat stains)
hot = everything Ty's not allowed to touch, regardless of temperature
abbies = owies, ie. what happens when Ty touches anything hot (this time temperature applies)
WOW, can't believe I forgot my favorite one: Ty calls bread "fred." And just FYI, zucchini fred rules.

Well I may be a nerve, but at least I've got 2 little boys who always make me laugh. Don't grow up too fast, okay?


Zona Wilson said...

My guys are 23, 15 and 13, and they all still make me laugh. Guys are great.

Marla Taviano said...

Those are great! My two faves:
1.Emeril and cimanin--ha!
2. Dirty nonny with the arnch tih-tat stains.

Bec said...

I always thought you were a nerve.

DidiLyn said...

We still use some of the words the kids used when they were little. At least you'll have a written record of yours.
And I hate to mention it, but you haven't shown any Felix pictures for almost a coon's age. (yes, a coon's age.) How big/smart/cute/funny/adorable is he now?

Randy Alcorn said...

Your sister was the nerve.

You were the tork.

(But not for long, and you were both always adorable.)

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

So cute. Ang- your boys are so cute and funny! I love hearing the funny things that they say from you, and then actually hearing them say them in person! It was fun seeing you at the baby shower. Play date next week?? Email me and let me know.