Friday, February 29, 2008

The update

Our house has been listed for a week and a half and we've had 2 people come look at it so far, which in this market, is pretty good. It's also good we don't have 5 people a day coming over because Ty helps me clean the house by throwing his half-eaten yogurt away and missing the garbage can. I'm hoping things will pick up a little in a few weeks, when it feels like spring and people start thinking about being in a new house for the summer. We'll see. And we'll pray. Because--drum roll please--we made an offer on a house. Of course it's an offer that's contingent on us selling our house (two mortgages = two stroke-inducing stress levels). Back to the house. You remember how I said our house feels about 6 square feet right now? This one is just a tiny bit bigger than that. How about 3372 square feet. That's more than two and a half times the size of our house. Just FYI, doing the math (without a calculator) to figure that out just now, gave me a twitch over my right eye. I usually default anything math related to Dan, the math teacher/tip calculator of the family.

ANYWAY, the point is that if everything works out, we will have THE party house. The basement is bigger than our house now, please don't ask me by how much, so the playroom possibilities are making our minds reel. We got a pool table for free a while back that's been in pieces in our garage, so that will be in a prime spot. We'll get an adjustable basketball hoop for the boys, and can get a train set or an insane race track for Jake's hot wheels that we can leave set up at all times. Aaah, space. This house has a few things we want to update (it was built in 1974) but we'll have some extra money to do that over the next few years. Depending on how much we sell our house for, we'll have money in the bank to do a few projects from the very beginning. Like get a new industrial sized dishwasher because Ty somehow dirties 10 times as many dishes as the rest of us combined. He pulled these 5 spoons out of the dishwasher the other morning to eat his cereal. And I wonder why I constantly feel like I'm doing's because I am.

Anyway, we just couldn't be more excited about this house, so hopefully it will all work out. We've seen already that God's plan is better than ours, so we won't mourn in sackcloth and ashes if it falls through (that's for my girls' Bible study). But it's sure something we're praying hard for. Pray for us, and we'll host all the Super Bowl parties, 4th of July bashes, and playdates from now on. Speaking of playdates, some of our house guests may need to think about homing devices for their children so no one gets left behind in our gargantuan house. I already have one on order for Ty for his birthday in 10 days. Actually, I'll probably just put it on the ketchup bottle.


Marla Taviano said...

Hope you're hiring a housekeeper! Our house is 1400 sq. ft. and I still can't keep it all clean.

A party house does sound like fun!

B.E. ing Arnold said...

You know we will be there! And we could even walk to your house from our new house! Of course, you may want to leash up Ty and Jake if you walked to our house.. somehow I have higher hopes for Felix!

B.E. ing Arnold said...
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Tricia Swift said...

how exciting!! I to am dreaming of a bigger house! David and I are building a house over 3000 sq. ft and I can't wait to get into it! I'll be thinking and praying for you guys through this transition. I hope it all works out for you!

Tricia Swift said...
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jon and erin said...

Wow! what a house! I' hope it works out. Noah is walking now and after reading you're blog (beautifully written I might add) I hope our house fares better than yours. I won't hold my breath! This kid is on the go.
Erin Woodard