Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tys will be Tys

It seems like my last few posts have been neglecting my 2nd born, so I just wanted to give you an update on what Ty's up to. EVERYTHING. That pretty much describes him. Up to everything, in to everything, all about everything. The kid just doesn't stop.

Here's a few recent examples:

  • He got out Jake's new toothbrush and toothpaste and tried to brush Felix's teeth this morning.
  • He painted the kitchen floor and cabinets with baking soda when I thought he was finishing his breakfast.
  • While sitting on my lap as I was typing an email, he grabbed a ball point pen and stealthfully wrote all over his arms. I didn't notice until he got frustrated that the pen was running out of ink.
  • He asked for "one pinch" of sugar as I was cooking and ended up with approximately 1/4 cup all over his face/hands/shirt/shorts and another 3/4 cup scattered across the kitchen floor.
A few recent direct quotations:
  • "Mom we need to go frew the carwash because our car is stinky." (He had just pooped)
  • " is going on here?" (The bathroom stool was not in it's proper place.)
  • "Mom, I want you take good care a me." (He says this while fake crying after I've scolded him for being naughty.)
  • "I need a bandaid." (After every fall, trip, pinch, bump, accidental brush against the couch, etc. The funny part is that he's the toughest kid imaginable. The child just loves bandaids.)
  • He says "why" after every question I answer regardless of what I say. "Can I hit Jake?" NO. "Why?" "Can I buy that?" No, it's too expensive."Why?" "What time is it?" 7pm. "Why?" "Can I have a treat?" Sure, you ate a good lunch. "Why?"

Oh, my sweet precious baby. What am I going to do with myself when YOU go to preschool? I won't know what to do with a clean house.

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Ben & Tera said...

Ang your post made me laugh so hard. He is all boy for sure. Such a sweet angelic face. The 'why' part kills me. I start to twitch now when I hear that from my kids. Now Tay at 20 months is saying it to me. Thought I would have a break between the kids on that one. Apparently not:)