Monday, April 20, 2009

What's going on around here?

Glad you asked. Well, actually I have to be honest. Sometimes I feel like after I haven't posted for a long time the next post has be fantastic. Stupendous. Epic, if you will. This one...not so much. Why? Because I'm not feeling it today. Then why am I posting? Because the longer I wait the more epic it has to be, and the more nervous I get about pulling it off. Nervous Nelly, that's me. Not really. But I definitely don't want to become so. Anyway..........

Now that you're sufficiently bored out of your socks, I can wow you with the stories of our lives. It can only get better from here, right? My point exactly.

Easter Sunday, let's start there. Wow, it has been a while. Hope everybody had a wonderful day celebrating our risen Savior! And eating insane amounts of yummy ham, chocolate bunnies and Peeps. Hold the phone...Peeps? Honestly, if anyone out there over the age of 5 actually likes consuming Peeps could you please raise your hand? No takers? Thought so. Ugh, those things give me the heebie jeebies. Not just because they taste like artificially colored fluffy cardboard, but don't they just look wrong?

Sorry, I have to back up again. I'll start with Easter Saturday when I took the kids to a carnival put on by some local churches, including the one my in-laws go to. What a fun fun fun idea! The kids loved the carnival games, the blow-up toys like the ginormous slide, and (kicking myself for not getting a shot of this one) the caterpillar you climb into the head, through the winding body, and out the other end. Brilliant. There was food too, but we only got a bag of blue cotton candy for the boys to share with each other and any unlucky passersby who brushed up against them. Ty had never had cotton candy before and wasn't sure what to do with it. His first handful he squished up into a ball and looked at Jake for instructions. He quickly got the idea.

Easter Sunday we split time between my parents and Dan's extended fam. Great fun and great food at both. We're so blessed to have family close by!

Which leads me to the highlight of our last few weeks, seeing some of the only close family that lives more than 15 miles away, Dan's sister Jane and baby Bekah. We missed you, Curtis! My oh my how that little girl makes us all smile. (Pictures are on the way, don't you worry.) Her cousins L-O-V-E her. Being her auntie just plain rules. So anytime you guys are done with California, come on up here to stay! We love you! Can't wait to come visit you guys this summer.

Another super fun day we had recently was the fire truck party for our friend Jack's 3rd birthday. Pretty much enough said. Like any boy is not going to be thrilled at a fire truck birthday party. We even got a tour of the fire station. Thanks, Alison for putting on a party for the ages!

Hopefully I'll post again in the next few days. Today is supposed to be marvelously sunny, so I'll break out the camera and get some good pre-summer shots. Until then, adios amigos, I have a date with an iced coffee and our new patio set.


Ben & Tera said...

My father in law loves PEEPS. Have you met him before? His name is Steve Keels. Yup, he adores those little fluffy delicate bunnies. Gag. Seriously, I watched him stand in line at Winco with them a while back, saw him rip open a package and bravely share them with Colby and Taylor. I so hope he does not read this or I will get nothing for Christmas this year.

Faith said...

Um, my friend's ADULT brother loves peeps and is even in the peeps fan club!! bet ya didn't even know that existed:) gross. was that carnival the one at sanctuary church?? i was there too!

Stephanie Anderson said...

I'm glad you bashed peeps, those have got to be the grossest candy ever!

Thanks for your comment the other day. It was encouraging. :)

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