Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here comes the sun

I didn't want to shock anyone by posting two days in a row, so I thoughtfully waited until today to share this video with the world. We had a few gorgeous days of sun this week (not bitter that I'm looking out my window to find a dark gray sky today). I'm telling you that there is no better place to be in the world than the Northwest on a sunny day. So beautiful. Who cares that it only happens 5 times a year, it's worth it. Here are my prides and joys (not sure if you can make that plural, but it's my blog, so there it is) whooping it up in the sunshine with our clown fish sprinkler. That sneaky Dad, always stepping on the hose.


Nothing like the belly laugh of a 3 year old. Life is good.


Megan said...

Oh, that is awesome! Such pure joy!

Marla Taviano said...

I heart your prides and joys! Let me know when the next sunny day is gonna be, and I'll jump on a plane.

Jenne said...

so fun!

Tonya said...

you are right, there is NOTHING like it! he is so cute!