Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good to know

Quote of the day:

We were getting ready to leave the house today, and Ty (as is typical) was not wearing any pants. I reminded him (between 5 and 175 times) to get some jeans on. I was in our bedroom putting away some laundry (happens a few times a year when the pile on my dresser looks like the leaning tower of Pisa). I was getting mildly irritated (ok, maybe a wee bit hostile) and said once again that he'd need to get pants on if he wanted to come with us (to IKEA...who wouldn't get pants on for that?). He said the following: (and I quote)

"So if I don't get pants on, then you're going to throw a clothe at me?" A what? He pointed at a shirt I was holding. "A clothe." As in a singular item of clothing. Right. Actually until he said that (and I burst out laughing) I was considering strangling him with a clothe.

Next post I'm going to do entirely in parentheses, wouldn't that be awesome? (Or maybe I'll just do one parenthe.)


Marla Taviano said...

Clothe. Makes complete sense to me.
But I think the word you want is parenthesis. :) And I LOVE those!! (too much really)

ang said...

Oh Marla, I wish I wasn't such a nerd, but I do know it's parenthesis. I was just trying to go overboard, like Ty, with my singular-ism. See, betcha didn't know that was a word either. Yep, I'm a grammar buff.

Randy Alcorn said...

There is only one Tyler Stump. And you have him. Can't think of that kid without smiling.


ChrissyG said...

I wish we spent more time together so I could really get to know your little guys. Thanks for sharing all the great stories. They always make me smile.