Monday, January 29, 2007

Dan's Turn

Since my wife has procrastinated on bragging about my new world record I thought I should let the world know that there is a new pop-a-shot champion. The old Giuness World Record was 139 points and about 2 months ago I threw down a 145. Unfortunately the people at Guiness weren't there to verify but I have plenty of witnesses. The in-laws bought the pop-a-shot about a year ago and some of us guys have been busy honing our skills ever since. Finally all my hard work paid off.

I also had put this Jakey video on here. It is a classic of Jake singing Jesus Loves Me. He even gives us some falsetto at the end.


faith said...

Good job Dan! Way to go on the record. I'm sure Ang is proud, it probably just slipped her mind! That video is so cute. I love the falsetto (sp?)

Megan said...

Oh Jakey, you are so adorable! My favorite may always be when we were at your house last Sunday night watch the football game and you screamed/yelled that song on top of your lungs! You are precious.