Thursday, January 04, 2007

Life with two

Congrats to my sister Karina and friend Faith who just found out they are pregnant!! I'm so thrilled for both of them, and can't wait for them to add to their little families (both have a 2 year old already).

So I won't lie to you girls, 2 is harder than 1. (But obviously SO worth it!) The first few weeks of baby #2's life is a huge adjustment, but soon you'll get into a rhythm and life goes on. That is, until #2 starts crawling. It's nice that Ty loves Jake (and vice versa), but not so nice when he gets into the same trouble big bro does. Let me give you a little insight into my life with 2 boys only 19 months apart:

A few days ago while I was on the phone, I start to panic because it is suddenly much too quiet in my house. I peer down the hall, and see that Jake has discovered the extra bottle of shampoo in our hall closet. Because we're potty training right now, Jake didn't have any pants on and had poured half the bottle down each leg. So there he was, in nothing but some tighty-whities, working up some serious lather on his legs.

Dan was home, so I asked him (calmly, with pleases and thankyous) to start a bath. So while I was dropping a very slippery #1 into the tub, I realize #2 is out in the hall eating the shampoo off the carpet, making nasty faces, then slurping up some more. He's still hanging on to a cold, and I am absolutely not lying when I say he coughed out a bubble before I wiped his mouth out.

Moral of the story: you can almost guarantee that one problem becomes two problems when you have 2 young kids. The people with more than 2 under the age of about 5 have my deepest respect!

Here's some pix I've taken just in the last 2 days of my boys literally getting into things they know they shouldn't:


faith said...

That story is hilarious! Oh, the joys of motherhood. At least you stayed calm:) You are a great mom..I could really tell the other night. I liked how relaxed you are. Our kids are going to get into stuff whether we are hovering over them all day or giving them freedom. They have to learn things the hard way slurping shampoo! Too funny

Megan said...

This is awesome. Those two are so funny...something tells me that this is only the beginning of their team mischief! Keep the stories coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Grace is almost crawling and I know that my life is going to change with both of the girls! It has already gotten interesting. Funny story. I think that we could all swap a few hilarious ones!

Eric & Leah said...

Hey guys, it's Eric writing. Ang, your story reminded me of last week when I changed Sam, and returned to the bedroom only to find that maggie had found some desitin, and was licking it off her fingers. I'm glad moms seem to have eyes in the back of their heads, unlike dads!