Friday, March 02, 2007

Picture happy

We're housesitting for my parents this weekend, so I broke in to my dad's computer in order to share with you, dear reader, the best recent pictures of my boys. Poppy Ha-corn loves to take pictures, especially of his grandkids, and who can blame him? I was so excited to go through his pictures to pick out some of my favorites! It was a grand idea, and then I started the search. Though many of his pictures are great, the key word here is MANY. I have to say that after scrolling through 93570210 pictures (because "what's the down-side?" of that many pictures) I can't even tell anymore which ones are my kids, much less which pictures are the BEST. Anyway, I'm pretty sure these pictures are good, and that they are indeed my kids. I've been so bad at using my camera lately, so I'm glad someone is taking the time to capture some great childhood moments. Thanks, Poppy.

Besides being the highlight of Jake's young life, this is a stroller that you can either push, or pull behind a bike. Good buy, Poppy.

This is a classic capturing the difference in the personalities of my boys. Jake is the fun-loving, mischevious showboat, and Ty is my thoughtful one, constantly pondering the mysteries of life (right now it's "when's dinner?")

Hands-free phones are a must for busy 2 1/2 year olds these days. How else would they get anything done?

One of my favorites. The tweaked hair is a Ty special, and those eyes... I love you too, baby.


Anonymous said...

Those ARE really good pics. I am glad that poppy has so many cute pics of your kiddos, so you can share them with us:) I love the hands free one. It's funny, and sadly our kids will probably want cell phones at age 5!

Greg and Andrea said...

Nice choices, Ang! How long did it take you to go through all those? How are we ever going to do wedding slide shows for our kids? Maybe they'll be obsolete by then. We'd better start taking more video!

Megan said...

Great pics. I love the one of the boys together, showing their personalities. I wonder how many pictures we will have of our kids by the time they graduate. Probably in the millions with this digital age we are in.

faith said...

Those are so fun!! Ty's eyes are especially amazing in the second picture! They are adorable Ang!