Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring break!

Happy spring break everybody! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Ty's been sick with an ear infection, and life has just been really busy. And I didn't have anything exciting to say. ANYWAY.

Dan was so excited about spring break when he got home on Friday that he decided to spread the joy and have a slumber party with Jake. They made a "bwankie foht" (blanket fort) in the living room and had some great male bonding. I was surprised it lasted all night, but they were both still snoring when Ty got me up at 7:30.

Oh, another big moment in the life of our 2 1/2 year old. His first daddy haircut. Not a haircut like dad's, but a haircut given by dad. The excitement of spring break made daddy eager to do something drastic. So he buzzed. We're talking as close to completly bald as you can get. I was horrified half way through the process, convinced we had ruined our handsome little boy, but I have to say that once it was finished he actually looked pretty cute. He's such a dude. He said "woooo" and laughed when we put him in front of the mirror. He'll say "I like my hair, Mommy" and then the next minute he'll rub his bald head and say "where's my hair go? Want my hair back pwease."

It'll be back soon. Until then, those long dark curly eyelashes look even better.


Megan said...

He's got a great head for the shaved look! Glad that your family is enjoying spring break! Man, that teaching gig is a good one.

faith said...

That is SO cute. What a handsome young man. That's adorable about the bwankie foat or however you spelled it..I'm surprised they stayed in there all night too!

Estep said...

What a handsome little man you got there!I am so excited to back in town. And yes we will have to get the kids together for a play date the girls would love that!Can you believe how quickly our little ones are growin's a bit sad, but then also very exciting to see the people that they are becoming!Take care and talk to yah soon.