Tuesday, August 19, 2008

People who make me smile

There's this list I have here over to the right. You're all familiar with it, I'm sure. These are the people I love to stalk...I mean investigate. I've just recently realized I've overlooked/just found a few people I'd like you all to meet. Marla Taviano has been a faithful blog stalker of mine for quite some time and because she doesn't blog on Blogger I've been completely ignoring her. Just kidding, I totally was clueless about the fact she had a blog on Xanga. Go check her out, she's an amazing author who met my dad a few years ago, and though we've never actually met face to face, I'm quite convinced that she and I are twins separated at birth. She rules. Her books rule. Go buy a couple hundred copies of her newest book Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time. Amazing. So funny, so encouraging for new moms, old moms, not-yet moms. Great grandpas. Well, maybe not GG's, but seriously, this book is one you've got to get your hands on if you've got the slightest interest in motherhood. She's not paying me to say this either (but Marla, I will except Starbucks gift cards).

Another new stalker/my new stalkee is my cousin Chris. She's the one who used to burn microwave popcorn for me and Karina while babysitting. I have great memories of her staying with us while my parents were gallivanting across the world without us. And I babysat for her little girl Alexis (not so little anymore, holy moley) It's seriously a crime that we live so close and don't see each other more often. Thanks for saying hi, Chris!

Another somewhat new link I have is called Choose to Bloom. If you haven't yet checked it out...CHECK IT OUT! Two of my very best friends Megan and Faith have created this blog that is full of encouragement and advice and great resources, especially for young moms. I love you girls, and I'm proud of what God is doing in you, and through you!

So there you have it. An updated list of the people who make me smile. If you're not on the list and think you should be, either a) I'm a total dork and I think I have you on there, but I really just get to your site by clicking on someone else's links or b) you may have to face the fact that you might not make me smile. (That was a joke, I love you all.)


Ben & Tera said...

Yay! I am truly honored that you added my name. I love your blog, I love to read how much fun you have with your boys, thanks for sharing!

ChrissyG said...

You are just way too sweet! And I am so happy to have made your list of people who make you smile! Thanks.
Cousin Chris

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your great links, I have like 5 on my blog b/c I always connect through yours. Maybe someday I will add more, but why bother when you have the all-star list already?

Marla Taviano said...

Thanks, doll. You sure I didn't pay you to write that?? Love you right back!!