Friday, August 01, 2008

Talk, talk, talk

Okay, Marla. I was hoping to stretch the anniversary blog into Jake's birthday blog (only 2 days away) but evidently I'm making people mad, so here's a quick update. Oh, and these pictures are from Seaside a few weeks ago. You know, the ones that almost cost me my sanity when I tried to post them. Anyway, the update:
Ty is calling me Ang. Seriously. Here's how the conversations go. "Hey, Ang? Can I have a granola bar?" "No, Ty, and it's 'mommy' next time, okay?" "Okay, Ang...Mommy. Can I have some string cheese, Ang?"
Ty's quite the talker. In fact, he barely says any words wrong these days, so it makes me laugh when he does. My favorites are "Ooohh, a doggie, can I pep 'im?" Yes, you can pet him. "Where's Jake, is he stownstairs?" Yes, he's downstairs. "I'm sick, because I need some meh-sin." No, you can't have any medicine, you're not sick. (I try to avoid the word "because" when I talk to Ty. See my previous post if you've forgotten how much Ty milks "because".)
Jake is also a talker. More accurately, he's a won't-ever-shut-his-mouth-er. This is bad, but I've totally begun to tune him out. I took him to Home Depot the other day when Ty was napping, and he was in the back seat jabbering on for probably 5 minutes before I realized that he was asking me questions, then answering them himself when I didn't respond. Sort of like this, "Hey Mom, when we're done at Home Depot can we go somewhere else? Like Starbucks? Maybe we'll get some hot chocolate? Mom? Okay, maybe the dollar store. We can look at Hot Wheels and maybe buy some for me? Can we? We'll buy some trucks and some vans, okay, Mom? We'll get some hot chocolate and take it to the dollar store and buy twenty Hot Wheels. WOW, a Hummer! Did you see that Hummer, Mom? Yes? It was red, huh. Yep, a red Hummer. Maybe we'll get a red Hummer at the dollar store after we get hot chocolate. That's what we'll do." In all seriousness...the kid just doesn't stop.
Dan also talks my ear off. Oh wait, never mind. After the kids go to bed it's like we go through detox. Neither one of us says one word for about half and hour unless it's vitally important. We just sit. Feet up. Cool wash cloth on our heads and a heating pad on our backs. Until we hear this, "Hey, Ang? I need some water because I'm thirsty, because I need a drink, because my mouth is sick and because I need some water and some meh-sin."
Then we put in ear plugs. And pretend all is right with the world.


Jenne said...

I also have a won't-ever-shut-his-mouth-er. And my other speaking child rarely gets a word in edge-wise (child #3 doesn't count yet). When I am in the car with my quieter child it is very strange to not have jabbering coming at me. Instead, he just sits and watches the outside world and every once in a while asks unanswerable questions like, "Why is rain so big?" and "How come the car doesn't go stronger?" or "I NEVER see Jesus. Why don't you let me see him, Mommy?" Aside from the cryptic questions, my ears really get a rest.

But the benefit of having a talker is that everything - EVERYTHING - that is going through their head comes out their mouth so you know what they are thinking about and you know what they are noticing in the world.

I realized earlier this summer - er, rather DID NOT REALIZE - that Jackson (my less-talker) had quietly taken notice of the smoking habit. He was putting a stick in his mouth and pretending to do it, too. It was Davis (who asked me 10,000 questions about smoking YEARS ago) who saw him pretending and chastized him. It was Davis who ended up parenting Jackson through that initial moment.
It spooked me that I had no idea he had taken notice - no idea that he had thought about it at all, and i wondered how long it had been that he noticed, and i wondered if he had actually formed a positive opinion about it without my even having a clue. Fast forward 12 years and we are in trouble!

Faith said...

Ang, I love you. This post (along with all of them) is hilarious. I love Jake's conversation with himself:)

Brandy said...

I have a talker too. Road trips are the WORST.

Megan said...

You are so funny! I love that Ty uses "because" constantly. So cute.

I had only Elsie in the car with me today and it was so quiet! I was nervous that I was going to leave her in the car forgetting she was there!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not I used to have to tell Mike "please stop talking you are just making noise now" Hard to believe huh?

Shelley Ekstrom

Marla Taviano said...

This post was worth the waste. LOVED it! (okay, I just realized that I accidentally typed "waste" instead of "wait," but I think I'll leave it just for fun)

So, Ty says pep for pet, huh? My 2-year-old does that with p's and t's too. She says "wipe" for "white." (and I can't think of anything else right now) She also asks for medicine constantly. ?? And wants to know what color her poop is when I change her diaper.

And I love that he calls you Ang.

And I love that you post whenever I ask. How about a new one on Tuesday? :)