Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tricks and ridiculous amounts of Treats

Let me just start off by saying that I'm recovering from Halloween night shift in the ER right now, so I doubt very much that I'm going to be super clever in this post. But you don't care, because all you want to see is some pictures of my babes all duded up for trick-or-treating. So...come back later if you want any deep perspectives on this holiday experience. Actually, I've already posted too many deep perspectives in the month of October, so this will be it. I know it's November 1st, leave me alone.

Jake, the cutest Spidey west of the Mississippi. (Not sure why I'm using that phrase...probably because I really just wanted to type Mississippi. It makes me feel like I type 400 WPM. Or that I'm back in the 2nd grade winning a spelling bee.)

Ty, nearly obsessive about his love for football right now. If I had a nickel for every time we told him that the chin strap was supposed to go under his chin. He insisted it was to be used as a mouth guard. When this kid is passionate about something, get out of his way.

Brothers. Someday soon they'll be too cool for Halloween. Wait, free candy? Nevermind.

This is actually the best picture I got of the cousins together. Karina, please tell me you got something better?

The future Mrs. Stump. Whether it's Jake or Ty, Megan and I have already planned a wedding for Jenna.

Pumpkin by Dan.

Pumpkin by Ang. Dangit, even my husband is more artistic than I am.


Greg and Andrea said...

I want to hear about Halloween in the Er.

Zona Wilson said...

Ditto. That has to be a good story.

Oliver said...

I'm fairly sure it's impossible for you not to be clever. Even in your "unclever" post, I laughed at your wit throughout! :) Super-cute boys you have.

Megan said...

Cute pics! I was telling Jenna that there may be some scary costumes and she said, "Ya, like Jake's?". No, not exactly, but if that is the scariest costume you see on Halloween as a three year old, I guess that is good. The picture of the kids together is so cute!! Can you email it to me?

Marla Taviano said...

Your pumpkin looks like he's on crack.

My friend's hubby gave their pumpkin a really big mouth, then had all the insides (goo and seeds) pouring out of it like vomit. It was awesome. You should do that next year. Dan's pumpkin won't stand a chance.

p.s. Thanks for the b-day greetings. The best friend you've never met--wow. I'm BEYOND honored.

Jon and Erin said...

My husband is more artistic too. He's the one that does all the scrapbooking. Sigh. If only I had some of his creativity!