Thursday, December 04, 2008

3 random thoughts

Number 1: a picture of the Stump side of the family...because according to some people (you know who you are, you lucky buRN) I never post pictures of myself. Or my hubby. Or anyone else besides my children.
Number 2: Jake's prayer last night included praying for the needy kids around the world. "I pray that God would give them lots of toys like Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels, and...water, and...garbage cans so they can throw away their garbage...maybe pink garbage cans, that'd be good. And food..." From the mouths of babes.

Number 3: Ty threw the largest tantrum in recent memory today at Big Lots as we were leaving the store. He wanted to go back and look at the "craps". He meant crack, er sorry, I mean CRAFTs. With the way he continues to butcher that word, I doubt he's destined for creativity. Or winning a spelling bee.


Faith said...

HA! Ty..what a funny kid. I'd love to have a crap class with him sometime:) GREAT pic of the Stumps. Jane is glowing! Oh and Jake's prayer is really sweet!

Diane said...

So, I'm curious, which lovely person in that family photo is you?

Marla Taviano said...

Ahem! Diane asked you a question, Ang. Diane, she's the cute blond in the black shirt.

ang said...

Sorry, I'm slow. Yes, that's me amidst the sea of dark hair. I pretend like I'm blonde still.

Marla Taviano said...

I pretend I'm still blonde too. Then sometimes I pretend I have brown hair. Then when money's tight, I don't pretend at all. I sport split ends, filthy-blonde roots, and the rest of it is whatever color I had it colored last (with some fading).

I'm altogether lovely.