Friday, December 26, 2008

Scratch that

I just looked at my last post. Snow? Beautiful? Maybe the first few hours. Few days at the most. 2 weeks and almost 2 feet later the snow has gotten a bit old. I'm downplaying it. It's gotten REAL old. We're talking older than most stories in the Bible. In fact, the way the local news has been covering it, Portland's "Arctic Blast '08" is the biggest weather news since Noah's flood.

A few cute pictures is what I could take away from this. Years from now I'll be looking back and remembering the sweet moments of cuddling with the kids, hot chocolate and marshmallows, folks dressed up like Eskimos.


Jenne said...

Not only has the novelty worn off, the beauty has too. The gravel trucks have sprayed their tiny black rocks everywhere and now the snow has started to melt and the snowplows have pushed the snow to the sides and what you drive by on all the primary and secondary streets are piles and piles of black, ugly, dingy snow.

Ginger@chirgies said...

What??? You didn't enjoy the 24/7 flake by flake coverage of the "artic blast"???