Monday, January 26, 2009

Officially jinxed

I know, I know. What in the WORLD came over me when I wrote those words..."seemingly alright...rockin' immune system...probably jinxed myself..." PROBABLY is an understatement. Last Wednesday morning Dan and the kids woke up happy and healthy, and I woke up with an ominous ache in my throat. Dan had told me part of his sickness involved a sore throat, so that's the last time I'm sleeping next to him when he's sick, I thought indignantly. Tangent--do you think I should write all my blogs like I'm in a novel? A novella perhaps? Get back to the story before you lose people, I decided hastily.

Long story short: Thursday was worse, my glands were now swollen enough to resemble a small goiter. At this point I couldn't swallow my saliva so I was spitting in a cup and I decided that if it was not better in the morning I might A. shoot myself in the head, or B. go to the doctor. The doctor was "surprised" I tested positive for strep, and I was "surprised" I didn't shoot HIM in the head for being "surprised," but instead joyfully accepted his prescription for Amoxicillin.

After taking only 3 of the 30 pills I must finish, I felt like a human being again. It took less than 24 hours before I could swallow without distorting my face like I was in a low budget horror movie. I feel sooooo much better.

Die streptococcal pharyngitis. DIE.

On that happy's some incredibly random pictures for your viewing pleasure. I realized I haven't been posting pictures lately, and that I never showed off the boys bunk beds. Or the cute hand painted letters Auntie Becca gave them for Christmas. Only 8 months in the house before the boys room was finished. Not bad.


Anonymous said...

Cute room! Or I mean, what a manly room:) Hope you feel better Ang...and I hope that this is all the sickness you guys experience for the rest of the year! Yuk!

Zona Wilson said...

So - is there still a puggle in your life? Or did I miss his exit?

ang said...

Yes! Felix is still alive and kickin. He's had a few near death experiences all seeming to involve his healthy appetite (eating a turkey carcass and a few months later an entire bottle of antacids). The kids and I are thankful he seems to have those nine lives that his feline friends do. Dan's name is conspicuously absent from that sentence, isn't it?

Megan said...

The boy's room looks great! Where did you get the bunk beds? They look perfect, a very nice size! And I am glad that your entire family is feeling better!!!

Jenne said...

Ryan and I woke up with Strep on the same morning. It was horrendous. Really awful. and the headache - Oh My Lands! I thought I would never feel better.

I feel your pain. Glad your pain is improving!

Randy Alcorn said...

Thanks for the entertaining report. Enjoyed it, as always. So glad you're better.