Sunday, January 04, 2009

A year in review

Two thousand and eight, wasn't it great? I know this is late, but it could just be fate. Some things I really just have to state. I might write them on slate. Or in ketchup left on Ty's plate.

Ok, so I'm no Dr. Seuss. The rhymes are getting ridiculous. Like Ty would leave any trace of ketchup on his plate...or any plate within 2 miles for that matter.

I did this last year for 2007, so I guess I have to do it again. I mean GET to do it again. Here's the highlights, lowlights...and any other light that was mildly interesting to the Stump family in 2008:

Cleanest moment of 2008: Wood Village house on the market
Worst spring break of all time: vomit-fest '08
Biggest change of 2008: moving in to our awesome new house
Worst (surprisingly) Ty injury of 2008: the king of goose eggs
Best list of kid quotes: summer one-liners (or 2 paragraphers)
The blog I'm most proud of: 7 years with my dude
Favorite extended Stump family moment: Rebekah Jane Lillie makes her appearance
Jake's biggest change of 2008: starting preschool
Biggest life changing weekend for this wife and mommy: a heart revived
Worst near death experience for Ang: sinusitis vs. spontaneous head explosion
Most accurate portrayal of our every day life: a post about nothing

There you have it. 2008. The laughs, the tears, the hurts and the joys. A window into our world. Hope you've enjoyed my stories as much as I've enjoyed telling them. And living them.

I'm confident 2009 is going to be another great year. Oops, can't use the word great because that's clearly supposed to be used with 2008. Hmm, anybody have a word that rhymes with 9? I guess I have a year to think about it. Stay tuned.


Auntie said...

Like I told ya yesterday - you should publish this stuff!

Anonymous said...

2009 will be fine in a mine, so you can climb in a line, and dine while you rest supine. Is it possibly a sign? Or will you pine for a wine?
Rainy T.

Marla Taviano said...

Wishing you a Divine Oh-Nine!

Jenne said...

Can't top those!!
And here's proof:
2009 should be a very good time. (that's not even a rhyme.)

Tonya said...

Oh you can bet I will stay tuned my friend! Thanks for the recap, here is to a fine 2009!