Sunday, January 06, 2008

The best, and worst, of 2007

Once again, I should have done this post earlier. Way earlier. Like last year. (Get it? Dec 31st? Any laughs? No?) Forget it. Here's the Most Memorable Stump Moments of 2007.

Best (worst?) poop story of 2007: Mid January's Nightmare in the Bath, and yes it has taken me almost a year to laugh about it
Worst haircut: Jake's Spring Break Shave. Never again.
Proudest friendship moment: April 29, standing next to Heather when she said "I do"
Best grown-up time: June weekend at the beach, and December Christmas party while my kids were puking at my parents' house. Thanks again gram and pops, you're getting a big reward in heaven for that night...right Dad?
Best rock-star-meeting moment: last Saturday in May when my my rock-star dad introduced me to some new friends
Best vacation of 2007: umm, that time we spent the day in Clackamas...OH WAIT, Maui in August.
Best Alcorn family moment: listening to Jack Franklin's first cries outside the door with my mom
Biggest marriage compromise: August when boy met dog and girl met insanely large plasma TV
Best car of 2007 according to Jake: every single one he saw last year, live or in pictures, except evidently the Meyer's purple Dodge Ram. Sorry Di.
Worst dramatic trip to the pediatrician: 3 words... Jake, battery and nose
Worst Ty bruise (so far): November's ugly shiner after falling off a chair (while standing), and hitting his head first on a desk and then on the corner of the fireplace
Best 2007 moments: each of these and many more. My 4 boys (yes, I'm including Felix, but I counted him after Dan) made 2007 one of the best years of my life. I'm so looking forward to 2008. Speaking of 2008...

Best 2008 moment: thinking about all the time it will take everyone to go to each of these links and read my old ramblings. Hope you have a cup of coffee handy, enjoy!

Oh, and if you want more pictures of an Alcorn family Christmas, go to my dad's blog


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this list! It is a good reminder of all of the funny stories we have heard all year!! You are seriously so funny. I can't wait to see what 2008 holds for the Stump's. I hope that it is filled with a few less poops, bruises, and emergency doctor visits. Love ya Ang!

DidiLyn said...

That was really fun and enjoyable. I hadn't read the Third Day post, so that was great! How cool! I really want to say I hate you all, but this is a public blog,and that would be rude so I won't. I'll just one-up by telling you about how I once walked on the moon...

Bec said...

I love that Jake won't leave his shirt tucked in to save his life. Still pretty darn cute though... :)

Jenne said...

It's nearly February, Ang. I am dying for a new Stump Adventure installment...

Randy Alcorn said...

Not sure how, but I managed to miss this blog. Thanks. It was just great. So glad you have those memories documented like this. I went and looked back at some of them. Awesome and so wonderfully communicated. I love you.