Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Healthy, happy...handfuls

Finally, maybe for the first time in 2009, our entire family is perfectly healthy. No, this statement will not jinx us...I say firmly, and with the utmost confidence. And even if it does, I'm choosing to enjoy my healthy, happy, handfuls while I can. H, H, and H...that's referring to the kids, not the husband. Dan is certainly happy and healthy, but is not his typical handful right now, thanks in part to March Madness. And the fact that I will now let he and the boys talk above a whisper when near me. And that I cooked some mean chicken enchiladas tonight.

So what makes tonight blogworthy? Bathtime. Again, kids, not Dan. Typically people think of bathtime as a chance to get a stinky, sticky child more presentable, but around here it's the time when a mother can get to know the inner workings of her 4 1/2 and 3 year old's minds. I shut the door and pretend like I'm not listening as I'm 2 feet away checking my 6 million friends' statuses (stati?) on Facebook. Here's what I heard tonight: (Oh and if you somehow have the notion that I'm a perfect mother or that my boys are saints, please stop reading right about now.)
Bathtub babble:

While playing a game where one boy has his back to the other and turns around quickly, saying, "Hey, you ___" Examples included, "Hey, you bubble," and "Hey, you faucet head" and my personal favorite that was repeated multiple times by Jake, "Hey, you Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana." (Just for the record, I don't let my 3 and 4 year old boys watch Hannah Montana, but they do watch some shows on the Disney Channel where Miley Cyrus appears at every commercial break.)

Ty: "Jake, I just want to have some beer and watch Toy Story."

Jake: "I wonder if Syd from Toy Story knows Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana."

People who think our family is perfect can resume reading now. After Ty hits Jake (wait, stop again) Jake says, "Don't hit, Beebs." Ty replies, "YES, I CAN hit because I'M the boss." Okay, start reading now, Jake states, "Beebs, you're not the boss, because you know who the biggest boss of all is? Jesus."

Thank you, brother Jake. I'll just close us in prayer. "Dear Lord, please don't let either of my sons think Miley Cyrus is cool in any way under any circumstance. Ever. And please keep Ty from falling off the wagon. And remind us daily that you certainly ARE the boss. Amen."


colliganclan said...

Oh man! that is awesome! Kid's say the funniest things, especially when they think we aren't listening! But, you really should try to get them to lay off the beer!! lol

Marla Taviano said...

Okay, this post is just a millions kinds of wonderful.

LOVE the pic of them smooching!!

Anonymous said...

Cracking up as always!! Melanie B.

Faith said...

I LOVE your kids!!!!! They both crack me up. Funny story about Miley Cyrus. Peyton has seen her commercials on Saturday morning before and I accidentally left the TV on for like 2 minutes when Hannah Montana was on so of course Peyton talks to Bryan about it like she is a total fan (causing Bry to question the things I let her watch), I explained to her that it's a show for older kids and that she can't watch it so now anytime she hears the theme song or a commercial or anything she says, while closing her eyes, "Oh no, it's Miley Cyrus...quick turn it, I can't watch her until I'm older!" haha! I'm glad that worked....even if she took it a little too seriously:)

Love the kissing picture! They will love that too someday:)