Monday, March 23, 2009

R.I.P. Mustache March

I'm sooooooo sorry to say that although I very much wish to give in and post a picture, Dan's stache is history. Those of you who were ufortunate enough never to see it will have to continue to imagine its greatness. Invision its glory. Are you picking up any sarcasm here? Good.

There's a possibility Dan was feeling bad that I've been so sick the last few days and wanted to cheer me up by shaving, but there's a higher probability that he realized I was making gagging noises every time he kissed me. Side note: I just started antibiotic #3 for 2009, trying to get rid of a brutal sinus infection which is currently threatening to make my head pop right off my neck. Gotta love how this spring break is starting, though there's no way it would ever take over as Worst Spring Break of All Time after last year's doozy.

So, Mustache March was short lived at our house, sniff sniff. I know Dan wanted to make you proud Curtis, but I have to say that I'm thrilled that sentiment didn't last long. And that it was never documented on camera. Just in some beautiful poetry.

Oh, upper lip, upper lip...your fur will not be missed. Upper lip, upper lip, at least now you'll be kissed.


Marla Taviano said...

Maybe your sinus infection isn't really a sinus infection. I thought I had one for months, but the muscles in my face, neck, jaw were just tight and out-of-whack.

Praying for you!

ang said...

I'm pretty sure it's a sinus infection. The pounds of thick green snot that I'm blowing out of my nasal cavity every 6 or 7 seconds seem to concur. But if these antibiotics don't work (c'mon, what antibiotic doesn't work? Oh wait...) I'm fully willing to try other methods of healing, such as multiple full body massages every day. Thanks for praying, Marla!

Tonya said...

Hmmm. do i detect a little bit of "good riddance" to the stache? just checking. i thought it might have been growing on you... no pun intended.

Echternach Family said...

Hey Ang, it was good to hear from you, haven't talked to you in forever. Unfortunately we did get hit pretty hard with the sick bug, I'm hoping it's gone for good now. We are all starting to feel much better, oh and did you see that during the crazyness Keirsten cut her own hair! I agree, we should definitely get together soon, I would love that!