Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life as we know it

After the daily struggle of putting Ty down for a nap these days (approximately 30 minutes of crying, whining, pleading, defying) I'm finally ready to blog. About what...I'm not quite sure.
A quick (ha! Me?) update on our lives might include some of the following:

Ty's been milking a whiny nasally voice lately. For instance, "I want breakfast right neeeeow." And asking for his favorite lunch item, "give me heeeam but no cheese and no seeeam-weeich." (Yes, that's just ham. Hand fulls of ham. Buckets of ham.) "I need a sneeeeack." Despite the fact that Ty is single handedly keeping our local pig farm in business, at least the child is willing to eat about anything we put in front of him. As long as it can be dipped in Ranch. (Yes, folks it was not simply a short phase; Ranch is the new ketchup. FYI...our grocery budget has doubled.)

Jake on the other hand is still fighting the fact that he actually can tolerate normal food (normal excludes pb&j, Easy Mac, and Dino chicken). We're making him eat crazy things like lasagna (gasp) and roast beef with mashed potatoes. I know, we're horrible. Worst parents ever. Here's what happens: he'll take a microscopic bite after about 10 minutes of drama, close his eyes, make a few gagging noises, chew, open his eyes, look around, and after swallowing, state matter-of-factly, "I DO like it," and proceed to eat the entire plate.

Dan's been loving not coaching a sport this season. It's been nice to have him home at 3:30 instead of 8 or 9 on game days. He and his BFF Brian (can guys have BFF's? Seems a little fem, don't you think? Dan and Brian are definitely NOT fem, so I'll just scratch that) Dan and his sports-watching-meat-eating-strong-man-competition-watching friend Brian smoked some pork all day for us to eat at our Super Bowl party. Pulled pork sandwiches, homemade bbq sauce, baked beans...holy delicious. I married a rock star in the kitchen.

Me? I'm just hanging out. Eating bon bons and such. Actually, after Gluttony Sunday, I mean Super Bowl Sunday we've decided to get serious about getting skinny. HA! I just thought of either of us EVER being described as skinny. But we're trying to get healthy and lose a few extra pounds. I'm happy to announce that I've worked out the last 3 days in a row and have been eating healthy and drinking 8 times my body weight in H2O. Isn't that what the daily recommended water intake is? I forget.

I've actually had a lot of time off of work lately. I only work on-call, and evidently the hospital is losing money during this economic crisis, so they're not filling shifts like they used to. Come on, people, help me out here. I need more diseases and injuries, pronto. Kidding of course. I love being home. But I'd also love to be able to pay for a few vacations this summer, so if you're thinking about doing something dangerous and stupid, and you live in the Portland area...go for it. I've got your back.

Alright, I'll wrap it up with a few recent quotes from the boys. Ty was putting on a winter hat the other day and I told him he didn't need that because it wasn't that cold outside. I thought he said, "Yes I do because we're going to Greg and Judie's." I replied, "Honey, we're not going to Greg and Judie's," and his response was a wild-eyed, clenched-teeth, " what... I'm saying... It's Greg and Judie's." Oh, excuse me. I'll listen better next time.

Today we were driving down our street and there were two quite friendly in someones front yard. Jake goes, "Hey Beebs, look at those doggies!" I'm trying to get them to look somewhere, ANYwhere, else and then Ty says, "Yeah! Those doggies like wrestling with each other, like WE do, Jake!" "YEAH! Isn't that funny, Mom?" Funny wasn't the first word to cross my mind. I'm just glad we were in the car and not at a park full of 50 horrified mothers.


Marla Taviano said...

Does a trip to the Portland Zoo qualify as dangerous and stupid? I really want to meet you. (but not in the ER)

Yeah, um, we saw some bonobos (like chimpanzees, in case you don't have them at your zoo) this week. They were all about the casual you-know, with no thought whatsoever to the innocent bystanders (us). It lasted about 10 seconds each time, then they paraded and swung around with their...

Okay, I'm stopping now.

Thanks for posting! It was really about time.

Faith said...

Ang, I love you and as usual you have made me laugh! Thanks for the was great. I love Ty's personality and friendliness these days..too precious:) Oh and by the way I recently heard women are supposed to drink ELEVEN glasses of water every day. Can you imagine?? I would be in the bathroom every 5 minutes! Glad you are exercising, (did you mislead Natalie last night in the spelling of that??) wish I had your motivation. Maybe I can borrow your cheesy video sometime!

-The Riegelmann Family- said...

Ang, you are hilarious! I laugh everytime I read your blog.

Anonymous said...

My kids and the cousins were enthralled at the zoo several years ago with the "wrestling" meerkats. My sister and I tried to move them on to other things, but we had to pry them away. You are a great writer. Love stalkin' ya. Melanie B.

Zona Wilson said...

I remember the whines. Your descriptors made them come alive vividly again - thanks for that! I'll tell you, I just pretended I couldn't hear the whiney voices. I'd act so surprised, as in "Oh! Were you talking to me? I can't hear whiny voices - maybe you were talking in a whiny voice. Try again and I'll try to hear you." It was very effective!
I love how patient Ty was being with you - speaking very slowly and emphasizing the REALLY - IMPORTANT - WORDS!

Mary said...

I can totally relate to the diet you're serving...My son Ty (I have one too!) is 2 1/2 and only eats Mac n cheese, fish sticks, green peas, and pancakes. And occasionally he'll eat fries. It's such a great foundation for his lifelong diet. :)